Adobe InDesign CC

Ep. 1 - Preparation For Adobe Indesign Projects

• In this tutorial I am to going discuss how to prepare your files ready for your Adobe Indesign Project. When it comes to Adobe Indesign, preparation is the key. As you will find out later, a lot can go into an Indesign document, it is just as important what’s going on outside Indesign as well as what’s going on inside... this will become very clear later on in the course.

Ep. 8 - Managing / Formatting Text & Tables in Adobe Indesign

• In this tutorial I will be working with text and placing a table in adobe indesign, I will be demonstrating how to introduce plain text into a composition from a text document, and format the text to fit the design. The fonts used in this document can be downloaded online for free from Da.font .com. In Order to follow along you will need to download and install these.

Ep. 2 - Photoshop Action / Image Processing In Adobe Bridge -
Changing Color Profiles

• In this tutorial I am going to take a folder full of images and quickly change all their colour profiles from RGB to CMYK. An action is basically a recording of various steps taken in photoshop. Once recorded the action can be triggered with one click and save you a lot of time if you have to do the same thing many times to lots of images.

Ep. 9 - Placing Images Into Adobe Indesign

• In this tutorial I will be working with images in Adobe Indesign, I will be demonstrating how to place images into indesign and work with them in a composition. In this video I am going to be jumping back and forth from my current document to my scamp design so I can preview what placement I want to achieve and then I’ll demonstrate how to achieved it.

Ep. 3 - Create a Scamp, Designing For My Indesign Composition

• In this tutorial I will be demonstrating my thought process and my design approach to a leaflet layout. A scamp is simply a drawing, or a sketch, its a response to a brief and it represents the design, thinking, the creative solution. This can be used to help shape, build and visualize ideas. These plans can also be really helpful to communicate ideas to clients. It can take a long time to put together a composition in Indesign and sometimes its a lot quicker to draw out your thoughts. This will really help communicate your intentions visually to a client and quickly highlight any issues the client may have before actually going to computer to produce the work.

Ep. 10 - Modifying Indesign Images In Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

• In this tutorial I will be demonstrating the synergy that Indesign has with other programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Ill be demonstrating how changes made in these programs can alter the dynamics of images placed in an Indesign composition.

Ep. 11 - Objects, Colour & Effects In Adobe Indesign

• In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how to introduce objects, Colour and Effects into my Adobe Indesign project.

Ep. 4 - Document SetUp In Adobe Indesign

• IIn this tutorial I will demonstrate how to set up a work document in Adobe Indesign.

Ep. 5 - Adobe Indesign Interface Introduction

• In this tutorial I will be doing a brief overview of the Adobe Indesign interface and later I will demonstrate an effective and useful workspace setup.

Ep. 12 - Finishing Off / Preflight In Adobe Indesign

• In this tutorial I will be finalising my document ready for print. I will be reviewing my document and covering some essential preparation techniques. In this video I will later be discussing and demonstrating the importance of the preflight tool in Indesign to ensure we don’t have any potential errors to compromise the quality of our final export.

Ep. 6 - The Links Panel In Adobe Indesign

• In this tutorial I will be talking in some depth about the links panel in Adobe Indesign. The links panel in Indesign is one of the biggest panels and is of great focus in this programme, this panel represents all the image elements that you will have within your document, and you’re going to need to pay close attention to this panel. This panel is pretty crucial to your workflow, so in this tutorial I am going to explain exactly how this works and how you can customise this panel so you can get more detailed imformation about your images to get complete control of your images in your document.

Ep. 13 - Export to PDF In Adobe Indesign

• In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how to export your document to PDF in Adobe Indesign.

Ep. 7 - Laying Out Frame Box’s / Build Composition Structure In Adobe Indesign

• In this tutorial I will be demonstrating how to layout placeholder frames in an Indesign composition ready to place in images and text. In Adobe Indesign all elements contained in a composition such as text, images and tables are contained in placeholder frames. To lay out my composition I will be referencing my scamp drawing, which I also created in a previous video. So basicly I am going to copy this drawing and achieve the same layout in Indesign.