Current Project:

Photoshop Webpage Design


Critique Date:

Feb. 8th


Due Date:

Feb. 17th


What I should see:

- A good understanding of graphic design principles

 • contrast

 • repetition

 • alignment

 • proximity

- An understanding of design in Photoshop


Your site should include:

- A logo for what you are designing for

- A navigation system that will be consistent across the entire website

- A header that can change from page to page but needs to be the same size

- A footer that should be consistent across all 4 pages, this should include your name, a copyright    symbol and the year that the page was created

- Content, such as articles or biographies, on each page that read well and look interesting. I should    not see a large block of boring text.

- An interesting background that can be changed between pages. The background should not be a    solid white. It can incorporate white as a color but can not be just solid white.


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Weekly Work


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